Glen W. Bell, C.Arb.

Glen Bell practised law for over 40 years in the fields of arbitration, mediation and litigation. He holds the Chartered Arbitrator designation from the ADR Institute of Canada. He is Immediate Past President of the ADR Institute of British Columbia and is a Vice-President of the ADR Institute of Canada. He has been the co-ordinator and lead instructor in the ADRBC Arbitrator Training Program for 10 years.

Arlene H. Henry, Q.C.

ARLENE H. HENRY, Q.C. is a lawyer, mediator, child interviewer, parenting coordinator, med-arbitrator, arbitrator, adjudicator, instructor and dispute resolution coach. She has been mediating since 1998 having completed her mediation training at both the Justice Institute of BC and CLEBC in 1998. She took her arbitration training Part I, II and III with BCAMI in 2002. She is a panel member with ADRBC and BCICAC, and is also a certified comprehensive family mediator with Family Mediation Canada.

Arlene is an Instructor for the family law arbitration and family violence screening courses in BC; and has recently co-designed and taught both the Med-Arb training courses and the new Family Law Mediation curriculum and courses offered in BC.

In addition, Arlene is a member of Mediate BC’s Roster Committee and each of the Civil, Family and Child Protection Rosters and has a special interest in children & youth participation in dispute resolution processes. She is on the Board of both the BC Hear the Child Society and the BC Parenting Coordinators Roster Society and is actively involved in the development of each discipline within BC and Canada.

Ms. Henry is a former member of the Employment Assistance Appeal Tribunal and the Police Complaint Commission Mediator Roster.

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Posted on 11/25/2016
A new online membership application is coming soon.

Fall Arbitrator Training Course Registration Open

Posted on 2/14/2017
Not only will you learn the skills necessary to be an effective as an arbitrator, you will also acquire valuable skills that can be applied in other professional settings.

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