Brenda Hooper, C.Med.


Brenda Hooper operates her private ADR practice where she provides conflict management coaching, training and mediation services to private companies as well as to branches of the Federal Government and their employees.

After receiving her Certification in Conflict Resolution from the Justice Institute of B.C. in 1998, Brenda began her mediation career as a panel mediator for the Insurance Dispute Resolution Program. She has since gone onto receive her Chartered Mediator designation through the ADR Institute of Canada as well as an international certification in Workplace Mediation from the Mediation Training Institute International.

Brenda has been a Director of the British Columbia Arbitration & Mediation Institute for the past 6 years and currently serves as Vice President. She in on the national training committee for the ADR Institute of Canada for the National 40 hour Mediation Training Course.

8844 Delwood Dr.
Delta, BC V4C 4A2
Tel: 604-589-9052
Fax: 604-589-0928