Volunteer, network, lead, and learn. Join the 2018 ADRBC (formerly BCAMI) Symposium Organizing Team (SOT)

ADRBC welcomes members and non-members to be part of the must-attend ADR conference in BC. This is an unique opportunity for volunteers to network, lead and learn while being part of this high-profile event.

The Symposium has proven to be a valuable professional development event for ADR practitioners.  Its success depends on the organizing work of dedicated volunteers.

If you are interested in contributing to ADR, please consider volunteering for the Symposium Organizing Team (SOT).

The 2018 ADRBC (formerly BCAMI) Symposium (June 11 and 12, 2018) will provide a valuable opportunity for ADR professionals to interact with leading thinkers and practitioners to discuss current issues and developments, and establish personal connections.

This intimate event will bring together a progressive, dynamic group of professionals including arbitrators, mediators, lawyers, in-house counsels, HR professionals, corporate and other users of ADR services.

The eclectic line-up of speakers presenting at the 2018 ADRBC Symposium will explore a wide variety of topics related to the challenges, opportunities, new developments, and the rapidly expanding role of ADR.

To volunteer, e-mail ADRBC’s Office (

Be on the cutting edge of ADR! 

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