New: You can now take the ADRBC`s Arbitrator Training Course online powered by Royal Roads University

When: May 18, 2020 to Jul 17, 2020, 9 weeks, Online


ADRBC, in partnership with Royal Roads University is offering another option for those outside of BC`s Lower Mainland region, or busy professionals who cannot attend the Arbitrator Training Course in person. 

The course will provide an introduction to the basic principles of law governing contract law and selected types of contracts.  This is of primary value to non-lawyers and provides a refresher course for the lawyers enrolled.    There follows an intensive review of the conduct of arbitration proceedings, including an in-depth review of the BC Arbitration Act and the commonly used rules of procedure.  The special provisions governing Family arbitration are also elucidated.

Students will learn how to evaluate different types of evidence; navigate practice issues and ethical concerns; and, how to ensure natural justice in distance, documents-only, and in-person hearings.  There will be an opportunity to act as an arbitrator in an on-line role-play hearing.   Students will also have the opportunity to practise writing a clear and effective arbitration award. 

Lastly, as an option, this course supports ADRBC's arrangement with ICBC and Economical Insurance to provide trained arbitrators for the coverage dispute program, with intensive focus on determining "actual cash value" of wrecked automobiles in documents-only arbitration. Successful completion of this optional material will render students eligible for appointment to the ADRBC Coverage Dispute Roster.

Learning Outcomes:

  •        Understand the basic principles of law relevant to commercial disputes;
  •        Understand the role of applicable arbitration acts and rules of procedure;
  •        Analyze and evaluate different types of evidence;
  •        Conduct distance, documents-only, and in-person arbitration hearings;
  •        Write well-reasoned and articulate arbitration awards.


*Individuals who are successful in completing the ADRBC Arbitrator Training Course content and assessments will be eligible to apply for the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Canada (ADRIC) ‘Qualified Arbitrator’ (Q.Arb) designation.



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